4200W Solar Power System with 2.88KWH Battery Backup in Chile

4200w 220v solar system with 2.88kwh battery storage

Project Details

Nelson, a passionate advocate for renewable energy in Chile. With his innovative spirit, he's not just talking the talk; he's walking the walk by constructing both wind and solar power systems. Picture this: his solar setup is powered by PowMr POW-HVM4.2M-24V-N 4200W hybrid inverter. This marvel of technology seamlessly transforms 24V DC into a robust 220V AC, guaranteeing an eco-friendly and high-performance power solution.

Product Features

The POW-HVM4.2M-24V-N is a versatile 4.2kW hybrid inverter charger, converting AC 220V to DC 24V and vice versa. It supports power supply from grid, PV, and AC generator power, with LCD settings for flexible priority of power source. Integrated with MPPT solar charge controller and AC battery charger, it offers efficient charging for various batteries, with multiple modes for customized power delivery and robust protection features for uninterrupted operation and longevity.

can I add an inverter to the generator

Although wind turbine and solar panel system installations are very similar, they often require separate charging control boards unless you purchase a wind and solar hybrid kit that already includes compatible controllers. So, in a completely off-grid solar system with insufficient sunlight, is there any other possibility to sustain the system? The PowMr inverter charger can manage electricity from the AC generator. Explore the possibilities with PowMr today.

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