20kW Split Phase Solar System Reducing Grid Dependence in North Carolina, USA

split phase solar system

Project Details

Shared by Larry Freeman in North Carolina, the POW-SunSmart SP5K project showcases an impressive fusion of renewable energy and modern technology. Powering Larry's 2500 square foot home with 11,000 watts of solar panels and 4 SP5K inverters, this setup prioritizes solar and battery power, fostering grid independence.. Despite still expanding the battery capacity, the system runs flawlessly, automatically switching between power sources. We extend our gratitude to Larry Freeman for showcasing this innovative project, embodying sustainable living and highlighting the promise of renewable energy solutions.

Product Features

The POW-SunSmart SP5K 5kW hybrid inverter is highly versatile, supporting up to 6 units in parallel connection. It offers single-phase or split-phase operation, providing flexibility for various setups. With 4 charging modes and 3 output modes, users can prioritize energy usage according to their needs, reducing grid dependence and enabling UPS functionality. Incorporating timer-controlled battery charging and discharging, it optimizes the storage and utilization of surplus solar energy, especially advantageous under Time-of-Use (TOU) tariffs.

what is split phase inverter

Unlock the true potential of your solar setup with split phase inverters! Learn why they're pivotal in maximizing energy efficiency and reliability. Dive into the nuances of single phase vs. split phase systems and master the setup process for a seamless transition to solar power.

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