Two Energy Storage Systems Installed by PowMr's Local Partner in Germany

Project Details

Daniele Dani has successfully installed two advanced energy storage systems, utilizing the POW-LIO51200-150A and POW-LIO51400-16S batteries. Each system is equipped with a 12kW inverter and 36 bifacial solar panels, each capable of generating 430W, resulting in a total capacity of 15.46kWp. The high-capacity batteries ensure efficient energy storage and reliable backup power, significantly enhancing sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of the residential setups.

Product Features

POW-LIO51400-16S: Modular design LiFePO4 battery, each battery boasts a 5kWh capacity, with parallel communication support for up to 16 batteries, expanding total capacity to 30kWh. Its highly compact structure not only saves space but also enhances visual appeal.

POW-LIO48200-15S: With the capability for rapid 100A charging and discharging, this battery is the ideal solution for swift power needs. It's perfect for systems with high and daily power consumption demands.

how many batteries for my solar system

Discover how to determine the optimal number of batteries for your solar system, cosidering factors like solar panel capacity, daily energy use, and battery type impact your system's performance and cost-effectiveness. Ensure efficient energy storage day and night, maximize sustainability, and meet your energy requirements effectively.

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