Daniele Dani Successfully Installed His First POW-SunSmart 12KL3 Inverter in Germany

Project Details

Daniele Dani has successfully installed his first POW-SunSmart 12KL3 inverter along with a POW-LIO51400-16S battery in Germany. The installation process was notably straightforward and user-friendly, showcasing the ease of use and efficiency of PowMr products. Daniele highlighted the simplicity of the configuration, making the setup both efficient and hassle-free.

Product Features

POW-SunSmart 12KL3 supports single-phase and three-phase configurations, with dual MPPT functionality capable of handling up to 9KW per MPPT. Additionally, it boasts a 260A charge current.

POW-LIO51400-16S: The 51.2V stacked lithium battery features high-safety, long-life lithium iron phosphate cells with over 6000 cycles, 100A continuous discharge, and a broad temperature range. Each 5 KWH module supports 2-6 units in a stack, allowing for quick, under 30-minute installations thanks to its Lego-like design.

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