8.2 kW System with 10 kWh Batteries Operating in SBU Mode for Off-Grid Use in Germany

8200w solar inverter for off grid operation

Project Details

We are pleased to highlight Ralf Rosenbaum's exceptional setup utilizing PowMr products. Ralf has implemented an 8.2kW system featuring a Pow-HVM8.2M (now upgraded to Pow-HVM10.2M) and two POW-LIO48100-15S. This system, consisting of 20 430W solar panels arranged in two strings, operates in SBU mode for independent operation, ensuring a reliable and sustainable power supply. Additionally, the system is designed to heat water using a 3kW heating element.

Product Features

POW-HVM10.2M: Hybrid inverter with grid backup input, dual MPPT, and WIFI-VM compatibility. Does not include communication function. Ideal for challenging roof orientations or low sunlight locations.

POW-LIO48100-15S: With the capability for rapid 100A charging and discharging, this battery is the ideal solution for swift power needs. It's perfect for systems with high and daily power consumption demands.

dual mppt inverter

The most notable advantage of the inverter in this project is its dual MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), which adapts to the spatial orientation of houses, allowing for a flexible solar panel system design. This enhances energy production and improves system reliability.

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