POW-SunSmart SP5K for Off-Grid System in Texas, USA

5000w solar power system in Texa, USA

Project Details

Shared by Darrin Towers, who lives in Texas, USA:

"Day 3 with the SP5K, and my off-grid air conditioner is running just fine. I'm still finishing the setup; I have two fans to install in the case holding the PowMr and grills to install at the bottom. All the wires need to be tidied up."

Product Features

The POW-SunSmart SP5K supports up to 6 units in parallel and offers split phase capability and BMS communication. It features a built-in 100A MPPT solar charge controller. By utilizing timer-controlled peak and valley power conversion, it stores excess solar energy during the day to power home appliances during evening peak hours.

Can I run air conditioner on solar power

According to statistics, 3/4 of US homes have AC. It uses 6% of US electricity, 17% of household expenditure, emitting 117M tons CO2 yearly. Ready to cut costs and carbon emissions? Explore our blog to learn how solar power can transform your air conditioning experience!

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