5500w off grid solar system with 4.8kwh battery in Hungary

5500w inverter with 4.8kwh lithium battery

Project Details

Norbert Mészáros' solar project in Hungary utilizes a 5500W 220V inverter (POW-HVM5.5K-48V-LIP) combined with a 4.8KWH lithium battery (POW-LIO48100-15S), featuring BMS communication for efficient energy management. The parallel connection option enables capacity expansion. Solar energy harvested during the day powers the household, while the battery ensures uninterrupted supply at night to reduce electricity expenses, promoting sustainability and energy independence through solar power utilization.

Note: POW-HVM5.5K-48V-LIP upgraded to POW-HVM6.2K-48V-LIP.

Product Features

POW-HVM6.2K-48V-LIP: The upgraded iteration of POW-HVM5.5K-48V-LIP. It supports parallel communication and battery BMS integration, enhancing project efficiency. Featuring an extended MPPT range from 50V to 500V, it ensures optimal performance even in weak sunlight conditions. Elevate your projects with unmatched reliability.

POW-LIO48100-15S: Crafted with high-performance lithium iron phosphate for unparalleled safety and longevity. With 6000+ cycles, 100A discharge, and wide temperature range, it's ideal for various applications. Equipped for parallel use with up to 15 modules, it offers versatile installation options and reliable energy storage.

dual mppt inverter

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