10kw Split Phase Solar Power System with 20kWh Battery Backup for Off Grid

10kw solar system for home with 20kwh battery backup

Project Details

Josue Sylvain, PowMr's agent in Haiti, installed an off-grid solar system for a client in Port-au-Prince. The system features a modular battery storage design, with each module providing 5 kWh and a total capacity of 20 kWh. It includes a SunSmart series 10 kW hybrid inverter that supports 110/240Vac split phase, ensuring reliable and efficient energy use for the household.

Product Features

Modular design LiFePO4 battery, each battery boasts a 5kWh capacity, with parallel communication support for up to 16 batteries, expanding total capacity to 30kWh. Its highly compact structure not only saves space but also enhances visual appeal.

POW-SunSmart 10K
220V/240V split phase hybrid inverter with dual 200A solar charge controllers, seamlessly facilitating bidirectional AC/DC conversion. With customizable power source priorities and a time-slot function for optimized time-of-use management, ensuring optimal performance and cost savings.

add a battery to solar system

The surge of the global residential solar energy storage market is driven by the rising adoption of battery storage solutions in solar systems. Homeowners are increasingly considering incorporating batteries to enhance energy resilience and efficiency. Read on to discover how integrating batteries can revolutionize your solar experience and maximize your energy independence.

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