Why do Solar Cells Need an Inverter? - PowMr


Because inverters nowadays need AC power to work and operate properly. The power from solar panels is a DC output and cannot be used directly on electrical devices. So in order to solve this problem, in order to make the power output from the solar panel can be used in the home or business equipment, an inverter is needed in the middle to regulate and convert the DC power to AC power.

The inverter at work is acting as a conversion job, transforming the DC output of the point solar panel into AC power for electrical equipment. The output of solar cells is also DC power, solar cells can not directly supply power for home or business electrical equipment, the inverter is needed to convert the DC power output of solar cells into AC power that can be used.

The working principle of the inverter is to receive the output power from solar panels or solar cells and use various electrical and electronic components to make the DC input oscillate at a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz. After a series of transformations, the DC power becomes AC power, so that the household electrical equipment can be powered normally.

Why do solar cells only produce DC power?

Because sunlight shines directly onto the solar panel, which stimulates the flow of electrons, and due to the flow of electrons, a pressure difference is created, which generates a current. In scientific terms, it is DC electricity because the flow of electrons is the same. Most of our home electrical devices do not work with direct current, so they require the transformation of an inverter to convert direct current to alternating current.
During the day, solar energy can power our home electrical devices with the help of an inverter. Online, if it is a hybrid inverter or has a battery the hybrid inverter stores the excess power during the day on the battery and can continue to use solar power at night.

Do solar cells need an inverter?

Yes, solar cells need an inverter, without converting them to AC power, home appliances cannot use the power in the battery storage. Any solar cell system must have an inverter to work properly and is dictated by the power supply to our electrical devices.

How does an inverter work?

An inverter converts DC power from a source such as a battery or solar panel into the AC power needed on a daily basis.