Powmr 5.5L/min High Pressure Return Valve 12Vdc 80W Diaphragm Micro Water Pump

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Brand Name: Powmr
Model Number:0142YB-12-80W
Application: Solar water pump system, multi-purpose
Material: Plastic
Product name: 12v 80W Micro Diaphragm Pump 3L min high pressure dc micro water pump
Usage: Water
pumpVoltage: 12VDC
Solar PV Input: 80W
Pressure: 0.9Mpa
Structure:Diaphragm Pump


    Tips: there are arrow marks on the pump cover for indicating the direction of inlet and outlet, direction of arrow means outlet, on the contrary, it means inlet;

2. Install filter on the inlet side, and the density of the filter screen shall be more than 80 meshes (namely, 80 tiny holes per square centimeter);

3. Connect the pump with power supply: the electrical parameter of the connected power supply shall meet the input requirements of electrical machine;

4. The motor pump begins to operate when plugged in;

5. Exhaust air inside the pump and pipeline after 5-10 seconds of water drainage, and temporarily turn off the power after water drainage becomes steady, then connect the water gun (or similar tools);

6. Normal operation begins when turning on the power. 



 1. Please don’t use high-temperature water with the temperature over 70° and dirty water (for the sand in the dirty water will result in unrecoverable damage for the pump);

2. A small quantity of water may be splashed into the motor pump (dry it after use), don’t directly spray water to the motor, and soaking the pump into water is strictly prohibited;

3. Don’t put the motor pump in damp places for long hours;

4. Please don’t disassemble this machine or adjust the pressure to set screw yourself (unauthorized adjustment of pressure to set screw can be deadly to pump);

5. Operating this machine without connecting filter is strictly prohibited, and the density of the filter screen shall be more than 80 meshes (for impurities will result in damage to the pump);

6. The diameter of the spray orifice shall conform to the specified value, or else, the motor pump will be damaged (if the spray orifice is too small, then the operating pressure will be higher, which will lead to heavier load of the motor pump and larger electric current to burn out the motor and pressure switch);

7. Please confirm the power supply before use, and the power parameter shall conform to the input parameter of the motor pump.

8. The supporting power line shall not be thinner than 0.75 square (copper core) and its proper length shall be around 2.5 meters without being too long and too thin. If it is required to lengthen, then the diameter of line shall be thicker when lengthening, or the output performance of the motor pump will decrease due to the excessive pressure drop of the power line;

9. The inner diameter of the outlet pipe shall be no less than §5.5, and its length shall be no more than 10 meters (it shall not be too long or too thin, or else, the pressure flow and effects for turning off the water gun will be affected);

10. The inner diameter of the inlet pipe shall be no less than §6, and the length of the inlet pipe shall be no more than 1.5 meters when drawing water itself;

11. The inlet pile can be properly lengthened when connecting pressure water sources, like tap water, but the inlet pressure shall not too large, or it will lead to increase of load of the pump and noise;

12. Don’t drain away all water inside the pump and it is required to cover the cap of the inlet and outlet after use, or else the pump will not draw water if it is not used for a long time;

13. The leakage protector shall be installed in the circuit of connected mains supply for the power adapter when adopting 220V of mains supply for power;

14. Please call professionals to maintain or replace the power line when it is damaged;

15. Please be cautious of electricity shortages of storage battery when using storage battery for power;

16. Disconnect the motor pump and power supply when you don’t use it for a long time or temporarily stop using it.

17. If it is possible, the inlet and out pipe, and the power line can be a little thicker and shorter.

18. The pump shall not be used to draw inflammable and explosive fluid. 

Please read the specification carefully before install

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