PowMr 5Amp 12V Auto PWM Solar Charge Controller For Lead-Acid Battery With IP67 waterproof

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PowMr 5Amp 12V Auto PWM Solar Charge Controller For Lead-Acid Battery With IP67 waterproof


  • Brand: PowMr
  • Product Model: POW-5A-12V 
  • Wattage: 60 watts
  • Input Voltage: 22 Volts
  • Application: Outdoor
  • Battery Voltage: 12V auto
  • Current: 5A
  • Easy to install and operate
  •  Smart PWM technology, high efficiency
  • IP67 Waterproof Rating make it suit for Outdoor Use like: Boat, water pump, Control landscape Lights and Water Feature

1Pcs 5A WATERPROOF Solar Charge Controller(No come with manual)

Q: What type of connectors on the wire ends?

A: Just plain wire, no connectors

Q: Why does the controller stop charging from the solar panel?

A: Disconnect, measure the voltage of the battery, and see if the controller is fully charged. If it enters the floating state, the controller will stop charging the solar panel and charge the battery with a weak current to maintain the battery loss.

Q: Why did the load stop working after working for a while?

A: Use a multimeter to measure the battery voltage. If the voltage of the battery reaches the voltage value of the low voltage disconnection, the controller will disconnect the output of the load terminal to prevent the battery from excessively consuming power.

Batt voltage 6V/12V auto adapt
Charge current 5A
Discharge current 5A
Max Solar input 22V
Charge drop <0.2V
Discharge drop <0.25V
Equalization 14.8V
Bulk 14.5V
Acceptance 14.2V PWM
Float 13.8V
Charge reconnect 13.0V
Discharge stop 11.2V
Discharge reconnect
Self-consume <10mA
Voltage of open light Solar panel 8V(delay 10s)
Voltage of close light Solar panel 8V(delay 60s)
Temperature compensation N/C
Operating temperature -35~+60 ℃
Size/Weight 60x25x18mm/100g

User Manual (POW-5A-12V-manual.pdf, 191 Kb) [Download]

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Prevent burning out a battery.

Using to supplement charge to 9AH SLA for Fishfinder/Gps chart on a kayak. Works well, but wiring is a little awkward. But also attach to a large solar panel when camping to charge spent batteries. I burnt out some before when I upgraded the panel before this regulator. No issues now and hasn’t significantly slowed down the charging.

Great Solar Charge Controller

I just ordered a third one of these Solar Charge Controllers. I originally purchased two because of the small size and they are both working perfectly after two months of use. I have no idea if they are really waterproof, as they are inside a small project box which protects them. Just remember to connect them to the battery first before connecting to the solar. The first two photos are of the solar charger suppling a 12v power regulator (Buck Converter) to make sure the voltage to my security camera is constant at 12v and not what the solar panel is providing. The other three are of another solar charger proving power that is triggered by a remote switch. Will be purchasing more for other solar projects.


Works as Expected

I had a solar battery maintainer in a vehicle with an AGM battery and since the voltage out of the maintainer can be 20+ volts I realized that the AGM battery could be damaged by the high charging voltage (with a regular lead-acid battery this is less of a concern because you can always add distilled water if the battery is over-charged and boils out some electrolyte).

In hindsight I should have bought one of the solar battery maintainers that included a controller, but adding this controller into the circuit was cheaper than starting over.

I am using this controller with a 10W panel (Amazon B00XUKEUH6). I connected the controller to the battery using the Anderson Power Pole connectors (Amazon B07FH863W3) though these are not really necessary. It's probably a good idea to put a fuse in the circuit, close to the battery's positive terminal, if using a long wire between the controller and the battery.

No ring lugs are included so if you're connecting this directly to any kind of car or marine battery you'll need appropriately sized ring lugs (or spade lugs for a smaller Sealed Lead Acid battery).

I carefully followed the instructions that state that the battery (load) must be connected prior to the solar panel being connected. I don't know what happens if you don't do this, but it sounds like it's vitally important to not connect the solar panel prior to connecting the load.


So far so good

This and a 10 watt solar panel keeps the battery topped up in my sailboat. In my application the charge controller is only partially sheltered and is in a moist environment and occasionally splashed indirectly with saltwater. It lasted all season no problem, kept the battery in good shape. I don't use the load output so can't comment, but it seems like a good thing to have, would allow an always on load that can't completely discharge the battery.

Works as expected 3 weeks in...

I connected this to a 7ah battery with a fuse between the battery and controller and the other wires to a 5amp solar panel and a timer that controls an 8 inch linear actuator. For 3 weeks now the controller has worked as advertised. Whenever the solar panel starts getting sunshine and generating energy the solar charger controller lights up green to show you that it is charging. I haven't seen it limit the power being used from the batter due to low batter charge but I can verify that my battery has not died yet from all of the equipment I have hooked up, through this controller, over drawing the battery.


This charge controller works perfectly for me. I have it connected to a 10 watt solar panel and I use it to keep my boat battery charged when the boat is on the trailer. My battery stays between 12.7 and 13.7 volts all the time. I think many of the negative comments about this controller are due to it being used incorrectly. It is required to connect it to the battery first before there is any current coming into the charge controller. For me, this means I have to put a towel over my solar panel so no current is created while I connect the controller to the battery first. Then I remove the towel and the red and green lights turn on. After a couple days the green light begins to blink since it is in float mode.


Fine product. Works like it should.

I have had this product in use for approximately four weeks. I have had to change the 12v 7a sealed battery twice. I am a knowledgeable electronic technician. I'm giving this device one last chance, then I will be pursuing a return. As described by a previous low score review the item is not performing.
I am updating my review.
After monitoring my system more closely, it is in a remote location, the Y controller is functioning properly. The issue was not enough solar panel to do the job. I am satisfied with this product. My system needs a panel or panels.


Works as advertised, using it for solar application
Built a solar powered RaspberryPi project. Since it's outdoors in cold temperatures, I wanted to use a lead acid battery instead of LiIon. Solar Panel -> Charge Controller -> Battery & RPi. As long as you follow instructions and attach the Battery first, it seems to work fine. My only slight concern with it is that in monitoring the voltage (on the load output not directly on the battery) I'd note that the voltage goes substantially above the specified float (~14.5 V). Not sure if the battery is also seeing this. As soon as the sun goes away, the voltage drops back down to expected levels, so may be behaving properly. Anyway, it seems to be working as advertised. Note that this is a 100% on load unit, not one of the ones that shuts the load off during the day.

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Q:What voltage can this take from the solar panels? If it is to charge a 12 volt it must take more. Is ok to run a load from the battery while it works

PowMr:Dear friend, this controller can receive maximum 24V input from solar panels while work with 12V battery, but the voltage from solar panels is 1.5 times of batteries' voltage is better.

Q:Will this unit handle solar panel output of 17 volts?

PowMr:normally, the battery smart solar chargers works with pv pannels with output 17 -18 Vdc in open circuit, 12v rated are for the nominal voltage of batterys.

Q:Could i use this to trickle charge a 4X 12v series of lead batteries on an a-bike?

PowMr:Dear friend, this controller can work with 6V or 12V system, four 12V batteries that in series will make 48V, the controller can not work with it, thank you.

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