20A PWM Solar Regulator Panel Controller DC12V 24V For Lion-Battery Dual USB LCD US Stock

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20A PWM Solar Regulator Panel Controller DC12V 24V For Lion-Battery Dual USB LCD

This controller is suitable for 3 types of batteries, including lead-acid batteries (12V/24V auto), lithium-ion batteries(3 strings of 11.1Vlithium batteries); lithium iron phosphate batteries (4 strings of 12.8V) Don’t used in Other battery.


Batt voltage


Charge current




Discharge current




Max solar input

12V battery, the highest 23V;

24V battery when The highest 46V

Battery type

B1 =Lead acid battery l2V/24Vauto

82=Lithium-ion battery (lithium battery) 3 strings 3.7V=11.1V

B3=Lithium iron phosphate battery 4 strings 3.2V= 12.8V


14.4V(B1) 12.6V(B2) 14.6V(B3)

Discharge stop

10.7V(B01) 9V(B2) 10V(B3)

Discharge reconnect

12.6V(B1) 10.5(B2) 12V(B3)

Voltage of open light

Solar panel 8V(Light lights delay)

Voltage of close light

Solar panel 8V(Light off delay)

USB output

2 way USB output. 5V/2.5A(MAX)



Operating temperature

-35 〜+60℃


133.5*70 *35mm / 165g

Battery type description:

B1 is a lead-acid battery (12V/24V auto);

82 is a lithium ion battery (3 strings of 11.1V lithium batteries);

B3 is lithium iron phosphate battery (4 strings 12.8V)

2. The battery cable should be as short as possible to minimize loss.

3. When installation for the first time, set the battery type according to the type of battery and make sure that the battery has enough voltage so that the controller can recognize the correct battery type.

4. The charge regulator is only suitable for regulating solar modules. Never connect another charging source to the charge regulator.


1.Build-in industrial micro controller.

2.Big LCD display,all adjustable parameter.

3.Fully 3-stage PWM charge management.

4.Build-in short-circuit protection,open-circuit protection,reverse protection,over-load protection.

5.Dual USB output, the maximum current of 2.5A, to support Apple's mobile phone charging.

6.Dual mosfet Reverse current protection,low heat production.

Package include:
1x 20A PWM solar controller

1x User manual

Please confirm the specification before install

Correct Connecting Order : Battery - solar panel - load

Disconnect : solar panel - battery - load