PowMr 60A Solar Charge Controller PWM 0 Layer L60

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    PowMr 60A Solar Charge Controller 0 Layer L60


    • This is a three-fold control of the evening working time, a break interval or a break time, the dawn working time (morning light function), whereby the user can set a different time as required.
    • A: Time (work in the evening) B: Time (work break) C: Time (work at dawn)
    • This is a compatible MPPT Solar Charge Controller PWM intelligent/efficient / energy saving, it not only has an efficient MPPT charging function to automatically track the maximum power point, 10% -30% higher than the normal charging efficiency of the controller, but also has standby Energy saving, more than 30% energy than an ordinary controller, the standby power consumption of only 10mA-15mA.
    • MPPT Solar Charge Controller for the photovoltaic system, with which the solar modules, storage battery, and load are coordinated. It is a very important assembly in the photovoltaic system. In contrast to other solar regulators, the comprehensive protective function ensures that the entire solar photovoltaic system works efficiently and safely.

    Timer Integrated (lighting function)

    • LCD screen display,
    • Simple operation interface,
    • PWM charging mode + MPPT,
    • Parameter users can reset,
    • A key to open and close the load,
    • A key to restore factory settings,
    • Battery back discharge protection,
    • Battery reverse polarity protection
    • Battery under-voltage protection,
    • Overload, short circuit protection,
    • Automatic temperature compensation function,
    • Can charge and discharge at the same time, always keep the battery in a full state
    • USB 5V charge (currently 1500mA) Optional

    Original value

    • Battery voltage: 13.8 V (12 V system) 27.6 V (24 V system)
    • Battery protection (undervoltage): 10.6 V (12 V system) 21.2 V (24 V system)
    • Battery recovery voltage (under voltage): 12.6 V (12 V system) 25.2 V (24 V system)
    • System load loss: <= 13 mA
    • Operating temperature: -30-70 ℃
    • The maximum open-circuit voltage of the solar module: 18-24 V (12 V system) 36-48 V (24 V system)
    • Solar panel Maximum open circuit voltage: <= 48V

    Package contents:

    • 1 * MPPT solar controller
    • 1 * English user manual
    • 1 * Temp sensor

    type  POW-30AH-12.8V POW-50AH-12.8V POW-100AH-12.8V
    Nominal voltage 12.8V 12.8V 12.8v
    Rated capacity 30Ah(0.2C/25)℃(Min:29Ah) 50Ah(0.2C/25)℃(Min:49Ah) 100Ah (0.2C/25°C) (Min:96Ah)
    Operating voltage range 10V-14.6V(Typical:12.8V) 10V-14.6V(Typical:12.8V) 10V~14.6V (Typical:12.8V)
    Charging voltage 14.6V 14.6V 14.6v
    Dischange cut -off voltage  10V 10V 10v
    Charging current(Max) 15A  25A  50A
    Dischange current (Max) 30A 50A 100A
    Length 195mm 228mm 325mm
    Width 133mm 138mm 170mm
    Height 171mm 210mm 215mm
    Weight about 4.5kg about 6.2kg About 11.5kg
    Shell Plastics/Black Plastics/Black Plastics/Black
    Series Maximum support for 4 sets in series Maximum support for 4 sets in series Maximum support for 4 sets in series
    Parallel support support Support
    Alarm&potection Over Voltage ,Under Voltage ,Over Current,Short Circuit,etc Over Voltage ,Under Voltage ,Over Current,Short Circuit,etc Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Current, Short Circuit etc.
    Cooling mode  Automatic cold and hot  Automatic cold and hot  Automatic cold and hot
    Terminal stud M6 M8 M8
    Altitude ≤4000m ≤4000m <4000m
    Recommended operating charge temperature  15℃-40℃ 15℃-40℃ 15%~85%
    Recommended operating dischage temperature 15℃-40℃ 15℃-40℃ 0°C~50°C
    Recommended operating storagetemperature -20℃-45℃ -20℃-45℃ -10°C~60°C
    Humidity 15%-85% 15%-85% 15°C~40°C
    Operating Charge temperature 0℃-50℃ 0℃-50℃ 15°C~40°C
    -10Operating Dischage temperature -10℃-60℃ -10℃-60℃  -20°C~45°C

    User Manual (L60-L80-User-Manual.pdf, 204 Kb) [Download]

    Solar Charge Controllers Features
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