EPEVER LS-LPLI Series 10A PWM Charge Controller & LED Driver IP68 Ingress Protection

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    EPEVER LS-LPLI Series 10A PWM Charge Controller & LED Driver IP68 Ingress Protection


    The LandStar LPLI series is a PWM solar charge controller that combines a solar charge controller and LED constant current driver into one. With multiple load control modes, it is ideal for a variety of solar LED lighting applications, especially when dimming functionality is required.

    With a built-in LED driver, IP68 ingress protection, and infrared communication.
    System Nominal Voltage12VDC
    Battery typeLithium/Lead-Acid
    Charging technology PWM
    Maximum PV charging current10A
    Max.output power 60W
    Max.PV open circuit voltage 30V
    Display LED
    Communication Infrared

    Product Highlights

    • Infrared wireless
    • communication design
    • PWM charging mode
    • Support lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries
    • Lithium battery self-activating function
    • Intelligent power derating to ensure 365 days lighting on
    • Multiple load control modes (including midnight working mode)
    • Automatic load test feature during installation
    • Extensive electronic protection
    • IP68 protection class (1.5 meters, 72h)

    Please read the specification carefully before install

    Nominal system voltage 12VDC
    Battery type Lead-acid (Sealed/Gel/Flooded)/Lithium (LiFePO4/Li(NiCoMn)O2)/User
    Battery input voltage range 9V~16V
    Rated charge current 10A
    Max. output power 60W
    Max. PV open circuit voltage 30V
    Max. output Current 4.0A
    Output voltage range (Max. Battery Voltage +2V)~60V
    Maximum output efficiency 96%
    Output current control accuracy ≤2%
    Equalization voltage Sealed:14.6V,Flooded:14.8V,User-defined:9-17V
    Boost voltage Gel:14.2V,Sealed:14.4V,Flooded:14.6V,User-defined:9-17V
    Float voltage Gel/Sealed/Flooded:13.8V,User-defined:9-17V
    Low voltage reconnect voltage Gel/Sealed/Flooded:12.6V,User-defined:9-17V
    Low voltage disconnect voltage Gel/Sealed/Flooded:11.1V,User-defined:9-17V
    Self-consumption ≤18mA(12V);≤23mA(24V)
    Enclosure IP68(1.5m,72h)
    Communication interface IR
    Operating temperature range -40℃~+55℃
    Dimensions(LxWxH)(mm) 87x63x24.8
    Net Weight 0.21kg

    EPEVER-Datasheet-LS-LPLI-1.pdf (EPEVER-Datasheet-LS-LPLI-1.pdf, 351 Kb) [Download]

    LS-LPLI-SMS-EL-V1.8.pdf (LS-LPLI-SMS-EL-V1.8.pdf, 618 Kb) [Download]

    Certificate-EMC-LandStar-LPLI.pdf (Certificate-EMC-LandStar-LPLI.pdf, 129 Kb) [Download]

    Certificate-EN60950-1-LandStar-LPLI.pdf (Certificate-EN60950-1-LandStar-LPLI.pdf, 563 Kb) [Download]

    Certificate-IP68-LandStar-LPLI.pdf (Certificate-IP68-LandStar-LPLI.pdf, 545 Kb) [Download]

    Certificate-LVD-LandStar-LPLI.pdf (Certificate-LVD-LandStar-LPLI.pdf, 229 Kb) [Download]

    Certificate-ROSH-LandStar-LPLI.pdf (Certificate-ROSH-LandStar-LPLI.pdf, 400 Kb) [Download]

    Solar Charge Controllers Features
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