PowMr Battery Equalizer for Two Pieces 12V Gel Flood AGM Lead Acid Batteries

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Battery Equalizer for Two Pieces 12V Gel Flood AGM Lead Acid Batteries


the Battery Equalizer is used for the 12V Gel/Flood/AGM Lead Acid Batteries which are connected in series to keep battery voltage balance. When two or more in series connected batteries are in charging/discharging/free status.The battery voltages maybe become different. One battery voltage is high and one is low.The battery equalizer wil equalize/balance the battery voltage when it detect there are 20mV between two batteries. It wil shunt curent from one battery (the higher voltage one) to the other battery (the lower voltage one). Until their battery voltage almost becomes same. This will improve battery's perfomance and extend battery's life time.

Working Voltage:2x12V

Working Current:0~5A

Standby Current: less than 3mA

Temperature Sensor:-20°C~+55°C


Protection: reverse polarity protection

Low Voltage Disconnect: 10V

Battery equalizer can be used for 24V, 36V, 48V and any other N*12V batery system.

1 pieces for 24V sytem;

2 pieces for 36V sytem;

3 pieces for 48V sytem;


1. Black wire connects the negative pole of the series battery pack

2. Red line connects the positive pole of the series battery pack

3. The white line connects the intermediate connection points of the two batteries.

Please confirm the specification before install

Correct Connecting Order : Battery - solar panel - load

Disconnect : solar panel - battery - load