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Shenzhen Hehejin Co.,Ltd. is a Global Solar Energy Innovative Application Company. Over the  past 10 years,we have provided related products and services to more than 150 countries around the world,and committed to pushing solar products to more application fields and scenarios.We always maintain close cooperated relationship with the world's new energy leading companies and actively participate in the coordinated development of solar energy industry.We advocate new energy life,promote the development of new energy ecological technology and protect the natural environment,so as to achieve common progress between human beings and nature.

Core Value

New Energy New Life.

As we know,Solar energy is a kind of environmental protection,safety,pollution free new energy. Not only is it pollution -free,it's far cleaner than conventional energy,it's not dangerous as well .So based on this concept,our PowMr slogan was born:New Energy New Life!

We aim to develop smaller,smarter and more stable products.All our efforts are to provide customers with more perfect services, and let customers have better senses of experience.We hope to make customers could buy everywhere as well as get service everywhere.

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