EPever Off Gird Tie Solar Inverter 400W 800W 1000W 1200W 2000W 3000W optional 12V 24VDC 220V 230VAC Lithium Battery Adopts Anti-surge Design low frequency

EPever NPower series 400W 800W 1000W 1200W 2000W 3000W optional 12V 24VDC 220V 230VAC Solar Inverter Suitable Lithium Battery Adopts Anti-surge Design low frequency

NPower series is a kind of pure sine wave inverter that can convert 12/24/48VDC to 220/230Vac. It is based on full digital and intelligent design, it adopts the advanced SPWM technology, voltage, and current double closed-loop controlled and completely isolated inverter technology, such as to ensure the product with high-quality electrical parameters, the stronger ability to resist impact load, the input surge prevention design at the same time. Meet the special requirements of lithium battery surge limit, to ensure the safety and function of the inverter running and reliability.


●Adoption of advanced SPWM technology, pure sine wave output

●The input and output adopt completely isolated inverter technology with high reliability

●Low output harmonic distortion(THD≤3%)

●Output voltage 220/230VAC and frequency 50/60Hz optional

● RS485 port can connect the communication module, realize remote start/stop inverter and monitor the running status via the APP or PC software

●The case is designed with the galvanized board, with high strength and strong corrosion resistance

● Adopt voltage and current double closed-loop control to enhance the load capacity

●The input adopts an anti-surge design to meet the special requirements of surge limitation of the lithium battery and avoid dangerous surge current generated by the connection of the startup

●The output adopts an excellent EMC design to prevent interference of connected equipment

●Extensive protection: input reverse polarity, input overvoltage, input low voltage, output overload, short circuit, overheating

●Set the inverter’s ID via the APP or PC software to monitor several inverters

●Chinese dual-socket, Australia/New Zealand, European, Terminal selectable

Please read the specification carefully before install

Item NP400-12 NP400-22 NP800-12 NP1000-22 NP1200-12 NP1200-22 NP2000-42 NP3000-22 NP3000-42
Output Continuous Power 400W@25℃;350W@45 800W@25℃;800W@45 1000W@25℃;800W@45 1200W@25℃;1000W@45 2000W@25℃;
Surge Power 700W 1600W 1600W 2000W 4000W 6000W
Output Voltage 220/230V (-8%~+3%) 220/230V (±3%) 220/230V (-8%~+3%) 220/230V (±3%) 220/230V (-8%~+3%) 220/230V (±3%) 220/230VAC(±3%) 220/230VAC(-5%~+3%)
Output Frequency 50/60±0.2%
Output Wave Pure Sine Wave
Output THD THD3%(Resistive load)
Load Power Factor 0.2~1(VAContinuous output power)
Rated input voltage 12V 24V 12V 24V 12V 24V 48VDC 24VDC 48VDC
Battery Input voltage range 10.816V 21.632V 10.816V 21.632V 10.816V 21.632V 43.264VDC 21.632VDC 43.264VDC
output efficiency of80% rated power 0.81 0.85 0.83 0.85 0.81 0.85 0.89 0.88 0.9
Max. Rated Efficiency 0.79 0.84 0.81 0.82 0.78 0.84 0.87 0.86 0.89
Max. Efficiency 90%(100W) 91%(100W) 92%(100W) 92%(200W) 92%(200W) 93%(300W) 93%(500W) 94%(500W) 94%(900W)
No-load Current 0.5A 0.3A 0.6A 0.4A 0.6A 0.4A 0.3A 0.8A 0.5A
RS485 Com. Port 5DC/200mA 5VDC/200mA
5VDC/200mA 5VDC/200mA(Ioslation)
Mechanical Parameters
Binding Post Φ6mm 20*3mm(Rectangle) 20*3mm(Rectangle) 20*3mm(Rectangle) M10
Overall dimension 386×215×99mm 475×268×139mm 475×268×139mm 511×268×139mm 486×313×145mm 584×328×170mm 564×353×175mm
Mounting Dimension 230×196mm 270×245mm 270×245mm 300×245mm 350×292mm 350×307mm 350×332mm
Mounting hole size Φ7mm Φ9mm Φ9mm Φ9mm Φ9mm
Weight 6.24kg 7.86kg 13.22kg 12.64kg 15.64kg 15.28kg 20.7kg 28.4kg 32.2kg
Environmental parameters
Working Temperature -20℃~+45℃(Full load
Storage Temperature -35~ +70
Humidity < 95%(N.C.)
Enclosure IP20
Altitude <5000m
(Derating to operate according to IEC62040 at a height exceeding 1000m)
①DC input voltage israted voltage, the load power is 80% of the continuous output power (25℃)
②DC input voltage israted voltage, the load power is as same as the continuous output power (25℃)
③DC input voltage israted voltage, max power with different load power.

Datasheet (EPEVER-Datasheet-NPower.pdf, 241 Kb) [Download]

User Manual (NP-SMS-EL-V1.1.pdf, 1,643 Kb) [Download]

Inverter Information
Load workout with Battery:
Parallel Function:
Split Phase:
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