PowMr Solar Inverter Charger 5000W 48V PV 500V AC Output 100V 105V 110V DC 80A MPPT Solar Controller Compatibile With Lead Acid Battery And lifepo4 Battery

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BrandPowMr Lithium Battery Activation Active Lithium Batteries Battery Voltage48V Battery TypeLifepo4 Batteries, Lithium Batteries, Flooded Batteries, Gel Batteries, Lead-acid Batteries, AGM Batteries, User Mode PhaseSingle Phase Inverter TypeHigh frequency Inverters AC output120Vac(100/105/110Vac Settable) ±5% Rated Load Power5000W Max Panel Input Volt450V-500V PV Terminal Charging Modebuild-in MPPT Solar Charge Controller Max Solar Panel Input Power5000W AC Charging Current40 Amps PV Charging Current80amps AC+PV Charging Current80Amps Wifi/Bluetooth ModuleWifi Module(Optional) WarehouseUSA Warehouse
PowMr LVM Wifi Module
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PowMr Solar Inverter Charger 5000VA 48V PV 500VDC 80A MPPT Compatible With Lead Acid Battery And Lithium Battery

General Information

Pow series is a new hybrid solar charge inverter, which integrates solar energy storage & means charging energy storage and AC sine wave output. Thanks to DSP control and advanced control algorithm, it has high response speed, high reliability, and high industrial standard. Four charging modes are optional. The solar charging module applies the latest optimized MPPT technology to quickly track the maximum power point of the PV array in any environment and obtain the maximum energy of the solar panel in real-time.


  1. Brand: PowMr
  2. Product Model: POW-LVM5K-48V-H
  3. Full digital voltage and current double closed-loop control, advanced SPWM technology, the output of pure sine wave.
  4. Two output modes: mains bypass and inverter output; uninterrupted power supply
  5. Available in 4 charging modes: Only Solar, Utility Priority, PV Priority, Utility & Solar hybrid charging
  6. Advanced MPPT technology with an efficiency of 99.9%
  7. Designed with an LCD screen and 3 LED indicators for a dynamic display of system data and operating status
  8. Manual ON/OFF switch controlling AC output
  9. Power saving mode available to reduce the empty load loss
  10. Intelligent variable-speed fan to efficiently dissipate heat and extend system life
  11. Lithium battery activation by PV solar or mains, allowing access of lead-acid battery and lithium battery
  12. Complete protection, including short circuit protection, over-voltage, and under-voltage protection, overload protection, reverse protection, etc

Photovoltaic Modules (PV): convert light energy into DC power, charge the battery through the solar inverter charger, or directly reverse into alternating current to power the load

Power or generator (Utility): Access at the AC input can power the load and charge the battery. If you do not have a power supply or generator, the system can also operate normally, where the load is supplied by batteries and photovoltaic modules

Battery: The role of the battery is to ensure the normal use of electricity for the system load when the solar energy is insufficient and there is no electricity

Household load: Can be accessed to a variety of household and office loads, including refrigerators, lamps, televisions, fans, air conditioning, and other AC loads

Battery Charging Modes:

The solar inverter will have 4 operational charging modes which change the logic as to how and when to charge the battery banks. The solar inverter has four charging modes: PV priority, Utility Priority, Hybrid Charging, and Only Solar Charging.

PV Priority

In PV Priority mode it will make full use of the solar input during the day in order to charge the battery bank. This effectively allows using the unit off-grid during peak utility times in order to cut costs on utility charging. Only when solar fails to start or is interrupted will the unit automatically switch to utility mode for backup.

Utility Priority

In Utility Priority mode, the detected AC input will be a priority for battery charging. If the power becomes unstable or unusable, then it will switch to PV charging.

Hybrid Charging

In Hybrid Charging, PV and Utility will work together to charge the battery bank at the same time. Priority will be given to PV and utilize MPPT charging. Upon PV charging being insufficient, the power supply replenishes with Utility power. This method is the fastest to charge and suitable for unstable areas of the grid, ready to provide an adequate backup power supply.

Only Solar Charging

Only solar charging is the most energy-efficient way to charge your battery bank and does not make use of AC input. The utility will not charge the battery, even if it is available.

Load Output Working Modes

The solar inverter has 3 working modes that dictate how the incoming power is used to power the loads. Users may configure the output source priority to configure load power.

PV Priority

In this mode, only the incoming solar energy and battery power are used to power the loads. This can maximize the use of green energy when selecting PV priority in Battery Charging Mode to achieve overall energy conservation and emission reduction. Upon there being no more usable solar energy or the battery voltage drops to a low voltage setpoint, then the unit will switch to utility power to continue to power up the loads. It is recommended to be in this mode for relatively stable areas.

Utility Priority

Equivalent to a backup UPS for use in unstable areas of the grid, Utility will provide power to the loads as a priority. Solar and battery energy will provide power to the loads only when utility power is not available.

Inverter Mode

The Battery energy will supply power to the loads. The utility provides power to the loads only when battery voltage drops too a low voltage which maximizes the use of DC power.

Product Overview

  1. LCD Buttons
  2. Mounting Holes
  3. LCD Screen
  4. LED Indicators
  5. AC Input Breaker
  6. Dry Contact Port
  7. RS485 Communication Port
  8. USB Debugging Port (Internal Use)
  9. AC Input Terminal
  10. AC Output Terminal
  11. Cooling Fans
  12. PV Input Terminal
  13. Main On/Off Power Switch
  14. Battery Input Terminal
  15. Grounding Lug

Please download the product manual to get more information about the product.

Technical Specifications




Rated input Voltage


Input voltage range

(90Vac~140Vac) ±2%


50Hz/ 60Hz (auto detect)

Frequency range

47±0.3Hz ~ 55±0.3Hz (50Hz);
57±0.3Hz ~  65±0.3Hz (60Hz);

Overload / Short circuit Protection




Conversion time (Bypass and reverse)


Reverse Flow Protection


Max Bypass Current load




Pure Sine Wave

Rated Output (VA)


Rated Output (W)


Power factor


Output AC Voltage

120Vac(100/105/110Vac Settable)

Unstable Input Error


Output Frequency (Hz)

50Hz ±0.3Hz 60Hz ± 0.3Hz



Overload protection

(102%<load<110%) ±10%: reporting error and turn off the output after 5 minutes;
(110%<load<125%) ±10%: reporting error and turn off the output after 10 seconds;
Load>125% ±10%: reporting error and turn off the output after 5 seconds;

Peak power


Motor Capability


Output Short-circuit Protection


Bypass Breaker Specifications


Rated Battery Voltage

48V (minimum start-up voltage 44V)

Battery voltage range

40.0Vdc~60Vdc ± 0.6Vdc

Power Saving Mode Self-Consumption




Utility/Grid Charging

Battery type

Lead Acid or Lithium

Maximum Charging Current (AC)


Unstable Condition Error

± 5Adc

Charging Voltage Range

40 –60Vdc

Short-circuit protection

Breakers and blown fuses

Circuit Breaker Specifications



Overcharge Protection

Yes; Automatically alerts and then turns off charging after1 minute

Solar (PV) Charging

Recommended PV Max


PV Operating Voltage


MPPT Voltage Range


Battery Charging Range


Maximum Input Power


Maximum Input Current


Maximum Output Power


PV Charging Current Range


Short-circuit Protection

Internal Fuse

Wiring Protection

Reverse Polarity



CE(IEC62109), RoHS, EN61000

Operating Temperature

5°F ~ 131°F/ -15°C ~ 55°C

Storage Temperature

-13°F ~ 140°F / -25°C ~ 60°C


5% to 95% (three-layer paint protection)




Fans, Forced cooling with adjustable air speed

IP Grade

IP 20

Safety Class


Dimensions (L-W-D)

16.8*12.7*4.9 in / 426*322*124 mm


25.6 lbs /11.6kg

Non-Lithium Battery Parameters

Battery type


Sealed lead acid battery (SLD)

Colloidal lead acid battery (GEL)

Vented lead acid battery (FLD)

User-defined (USE)

Overvoltage disconnection voltage





Equalizing charge voltage





Boost charge voltage





Floating charge voltage





Undervoltage alarm voltage





Low voltage
disconnection voltage





Discharge limit voltage





Over-discharge delay time





Equalizing charge duration

120 minutes


120 minutes

0~600 minutes

Equalizing charge interval

30 days


30 days

0~250 days

Boost charge duration

120 minutes

120 minutes

120 minutes

10~600 minutes

User Manual (POW-LVM5K-48V-H.pdf, 1,747 Kb) [Download]

Brand information
Brand :
Battery Information for inverters and controllers
Lithium Battery Activation :
  • Active Lithium Batteries
Battery Voltage :
  • 48V
Battery Type :
  • Lifepo4 Batteries
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Flooded Batteries
  • Gel Batteries
  • Lead-acid Batteries
  • AGM Batteries
  • User Mode
Inverter Information
Inverter Type:
  • High frequency Inverters
Load workout with Battery:
Parallel Function:
  • Single Phase
Split Phase:
AC output:
  • 120Vac(100/105/110Vac Settable) ±5%
Rated Load Power:
  • 5000W
Solar Panel Information for inverters
Max Panel Input Volt :
  • 450V-500V
PV Terminal Charging Mode:
  • build-in MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Max Solar Panel Input Power:
  • 5000W
Charging Current Information for inverters
AC Charging Current:
  • 40 Amps
PV Charging Current:
  • 80amps
AC+PV Charging Current:
  • 80Amps
Accessories information for inverters
Wifi/Bluetooth Module:
  • Wifi Module(Optional)
Other Information
  • USA Warehouse
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Question: Where/how do you wire the ground for the AC out?
Answer: Please check User manual Page 14, there is Ground wiring Icon
Question: Where/how do you wire the ground for the AC out?
Answer: Please check User manual Page 14, there is Ground wiring Icon
Question: can i use 2 of this inverter to make split phase 110v / 220v
Answer: NO
Question: Compatible with Lifepo4 battery bank?
Answer: yes. It is ok
Question: Can two 5k inverters be connected parallel to achieve 10k on both input and output?
Answer: NO. This inverter doesn't support two or more parallel
Question: is there a plan for a firm upgrade for multiple units to be run in parallel? and/ or have units operate in 120/240 V mode (US) split-phase?
Answer: NO. this inverter can't run in parallel
Question: Other versions of the 5kw show connected to generator in the ads will this one connect to an ac generator through the ac input?
Answer: YES.
Question: My volts on the multimeter read 103 volts coming from the solar panels(3 x 38 connected in series) will this work to charge?
Answer: YES. it is ok to charge your battery.
Question: Can this be used as a grid tie inverter to feed electricity back into the grid?
Answer: NO. This can't be used as a grid tie inverter
Question: what does the wifi module do? does it log data? can you adjust the settings? Is there any info on the software or app needed to interface?
Answer: Yes the wifi module can set up some data, there has an APP to download it.
4.6 out of 5
Reviews: 11
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star
sheila kerr
The instructions are not detailed enough for me to wire this up for use. I asked manufacturer for more detailed manual - with more specific detailed instructions and was pointed at the manual I already have that does not tell me how to install the device. There is NO information in the manual about how to connect a generator. I did not know I would need a generator with an auto-start controller. I need to know how to connect this all in one to my generator that does NOT have an auto start controller - even if I have to do it manually. Also - the manual recommends fuse or circuit breaker outside of box but does not say where or what size or anything. I am off-grid and Need to hook this up. I need proper instructions on
how, step by numbered step. The instructions are not sufficient. It talks about an in-rush current but not how to mitigate or control this risk, for example. There was no explanation for why the internet says a 5000w inverter at 48 volts needs a 4-0 awg cable but this manual says a 2 awg wire is fine. This is deeply disappointing. Why are there no instructions about how to connect a generator. Why is there no information on how to connect the RS-485-2 connector to my battery bms - first of all-my battery does not have a bms - so what do I do.
I am very disappointed that I am simply unable to hook this all-in-one unit up based on the instructions provided. I will have to return it, as the company will not help me I bought it from a re-seller in Canada because I need electricity NOW. I did not know there was a powmr website I could have bought it from if I needed tech support which clearly everybody must given the instructions are useless to anyone who is not an electrician. Surely it would behoove this company to provide exact and explicit numbered instructions including various configurations and recommended types of fuses and where to put them etc... and how to connect generators without autostart controllers and how to connect the system if there is no bms on the battery etc etc etc etc I hate to have to return this but I cant afford to pay someone to hook this up. it would cost just as much as the inverter itself. i am so disappointed.
Steven Kennedy
United States
Thanks for the seller
Kimberly Bucher
Verified purchase
fantastic after-sales service!!!
Verified purchase
United States
I put this MrPow 5KW 80A Solar Controller 48V Charger Inverter in my all aluminum enclosed 25' Snowmobile Trailer-to-Tiny Home conversion:

"Six 325w Canadian Solar Panels in series @~258v; Four NPP 200ah deep cycle SLA Batteries @48v in series; 12,000 btu Pioneer Split Air/Heat; Whirlpool 14 cu/ft Refrigerator Freezer; Video editing PCs & laptops TV's; and Misc. appliances."

The MrPow has operated flawlessly for the last month as I finish up the trailer. The split air system, frig, computers, etc. all run on solar during the day with select items running off the battery bank at night. The MrPow has a clearly and well written manual that delineates the units many user-adjustable parameters.

I mounted the MrPow amidship at eye level on the wall. The units cooling fans turn on intermittently mainly at night when operating off the battery bank. Their noise is not excessive. Meanwhile, the MrPow's chassis never runs hot to the touch. The MrPow's operating display is very informative with multiple menu selectable operating parameter sets being displayed. The display is a little small, but it uses intuitive graphical icons and dotted lines to quickly convey the systems operating status at a glance. Personally, I like it very much. There is no phone app, but I find there is something satisfyingly reassuring about physically assessing the systems status in-person on a regular basis. Hey, it's never more than 10 feet away.

I really like the 80 amp MrPow all in one system. I find it much preferrable to a system of multiple individual components and their incumbent rats nests of wiring. The MrPow succeeds at integrating all the system components into one unit that just plain works well. The 5KW pure sine wave inverter is sensitive-electronics safe. Finally, with this setup I didn't even need a soft start device to run my 12,000 btu split-air ac/heat pump system. Less is more.
David Colon
Verified purchase
United States
Gracias por el Servicio y equipo.
Joel Reyes
Verified purchase
United States
Muy bueno, fácil, sencillo, ahorra espacio y trabaja al 100%
Verified purchase
United States
Very good product
I love it
Maria Orillos
Verified purchase
United States
"I am updating this review today since the customer service support from SpringMirror was kind enough to send me an updated manual. Since they have new feature of Boost Charging and floating charging since it was not included from the previous manual.
The new manual also explain the 3 different kind of lithium Iron batteries and the have nice feature on their paramaeters of the software to set your lithium battery. Also since I am very interested on their Wifi Plug07
system to communicate wireless to the Solar controller system they will send me the unit as soon it will be available in their store for free. I thank them for their generous gesture very good customer service to deal with.
Updated it 5 STAR!

I am only giving this a 2 star due to a few things that I am not very happy! First there is no communication software no cable and Cd software! Second the support they reply very slowly! No wifi or bluetooth option for communication. Manual are very poorly wriitten the Boost charging very hard to understand how it works with a timer of 900 minutes. Also the lithium choices for LF4/LF5/LF6 no explaination what is the difference. I think the brand of this product is POWMR but hard to ask support I emailed them no reply. I will not recommend this product unless they communicate and help me with my issue I am thinking of returning this product."
Jim Ballows
Verified purchase
United States
"For the price- it works better than expected. Sure it can be a little loud when then fans kick on and yes the idle draw is fairly high, but if you have a 100ah battery and you are drawing 1ah, it's 100 hours before your battery dies completely. But it works as it should and the MPPT controller is super efficient.

In the end, I am completely happy with this device."
Verified purchase
United States
I install it myself and it worth the effort. It's working pretty well right now.
Verified purchase
United States
Easy to hook up and install

solar inverter

The 110V solar inverter is a new all-in-one hybrid mppt charge inverter, which integrates solar energy storage &means charging energy storage and AC sine wave output.

It is a 48V 5kVA New All-in-One Hybrid Mppt Inverter with 500VDC 6kW PV input. Produces a perfect sine wave, able to supply high powered appliances. It is supplied by a bi-directional DC-DC converter, that can either charge the battery when excess solar power is available or convert from the battery when it is needed.

Can be accessed to a variety of household appliances and office loads, power tools, industrial equipment, and electronic audio and video equipment, including refrigerators, lamps, televisions, fans, air conditioning and other AC loads


  1. Full digital voltage and current double closed loop control, advanced SPWM technology, output of pure sine wave.
  2. Lithium battery activation by PV solar or mains, allowing access of lead-acid battery and lithium battery.
  3. Two output modes: mains bypass and inverter output; uninterrupted power supply.
  4. Available in 4 charging modes: Only Solar, Utility Priority, PV Priority, Utility & Solar hybrid charging, and two output modes are available, i.e. Inverter and Mains, to meet different application requirements.
  5. Advanced MPPT technology with an efficiency of 99.9%.
  6. Designed with a LCD screen and 3 LED indicators for dynamic display of system data and operating status.
  7. Power saving mode available to reduce no-load loss.
  8. Intelligent variable speed fan to efficiently dissipate heat and extend system life.
  9. ON/OFF rocker switch for AC output control.
  10. Complete protections, including short circuit protection, over voltage and under voltage protection, overload protection, reverse protection, etc.


AC ( Utility/Grid)Mode:

  • Rated input voltage:110/120Vac
  • Max.AC Charge Current: 40A
  • Input voltage range: (90Vac-140Vac) ±2>#/span###
  • Frequency: 50Hz/ 60Hz (Auto detection)
  • Frequency Range: 47±0.3Hz ~ 55±0.3Hz (50Hz); 57±0.3Hz ~ 65±0.3Hz (60Hz);
  • Overload/short circuit protection:Circuit breaker
  • Efficiency : >95>#/span###
  • Conversion time (Bypass and reverse): 10ms
  • Reverse Flow Protection: Yes
  • Max Bypass Current load: 63A


Inverter Mode:

Waveform: Pure sine wave
  • Rated output power (W):5000VA/5000W (Power factor 1)
  • Output AC Voltage:120V AC (100/105/110Vac Settable)
  • Peak Power: 7000VA
  • Output voltage error:±5>#/span###
  • Output frequency range (Hz):50Hz ± 0.3Hz;60Hz ± 0.3Hz
  • Efficiency> 95>#/span###
  • Motor Capability: 3HP
  • Output Short-circuit Protection: Breaker
  • Bypass Breaker Specifications: 63A
  • Rated Battery Voltage:48V (minimum start-up voltage 44V)
AC (Utility/Grid) charging
  • Battery type: Lead acid or lithium battery
  • Maximum charge current(can be set): 0-40A
  • Charge current error: ± 5Adc
  • Short circuit protection: Circuit breaker and blown fuse
  • Circuit breaker specifications: 63A
  • Overcharge protection: Yes; Automatically alerts and then turns off

Hybrid charging Max charger current specifications (AC charger+PV charger): 80A


  • PV Current/Power Limiting Protection
  • PV Night anti-charge protection
  • Power Input Under voltage Protection
  • Battery overvoltage/ low-voltage protection
  • Load output short circuit protection
  • Heat sink over temperature protection
  • PV reverse polarity
  • Charge short-circuit protection

PV (Solar) Charging

Max.PV open circuit voltage500Vdc
PV operating voltage range120-450Vdc
MPPT voltage Range120-450Vdc
Max. PV Input Power6000W
Max.PV Input Current16A
Max.PV output power5000W
Max. PV Charging Current80A
Hybrid Charger Max Current80A (AC Charger+PV Charger )
Operating temperature range-15°C to 55°C
CertificationsCE(IEC62109), RoHS, EN61000
Weight25.6 lbs /11.6kg
Heat dissipationForced air cooling, variable speed of fan
PV Wring10AWG
AC Input/Output Wiring7AWG
Battery Wiring2AWG
Size (L*W*D)16.8*12.7*4.9 in / 426*322*124 mm


Battery Four Charging Mode:

  • CSO: Solar energy will charge battery as priority. Utility will charge battery only when solar energy is not available.
  • CUB: Utility will charge battery as priority. Solar energy will charge battery only when utility power is not available.
  • SNU (Default): Solar energy and utility will charge battery at the same time.
  • OSO: Solar energy will be the only charging source even if utility is available.

Three Load Working Mode:

  • SOL: Solar energy provides power to the loads as priority, then Battery, then Utility AC power.
  • UTI(Default): Utility will provide power to the loads as priority, then Solar and Battery power.
  • SBU: Battery power load first, then Utility.

NOTE 1: This is a wide voltage Hybrid inverter, The voltage that starts to connect to the solar panel must be above 120V for the Hybrid inverter to work normally.

This off grid solar inverter all-in-one does not support parallel operation, and does not support phase separation!

5000W 48V

AC Output Wiring NOTE:

  • Only the Live and Neutral wires will be connected to the Output Terminal Block, the Ground will be connected to the screw terminal.
  • Make sure any circuit breakers are disconnected and ensure the unit is in the off position.
  • AC Output should NEVER be connected to public power/utility or a generator.
  • There are two terminal blocks with “IN” and “OUT” markings. Please do NOT misconnect input and output connectors.


  1. Never install the all-in-one solar charge inverter and lead-acid battery in the same confined space! Also do not install in a confined place where battery gas may collect.
  2. Ensure that there is enough air flowing through the heat sink, and space of at least 200m to the left and right air outlets of the inverter shall be left to ensure natural convection heat dissipation.
  3. This 5000W Solar Inverter is suitable for 48V battery banks systems ONLY!
  4. For PV to charge 48V battery banks, you will need a minimum PV Voc voltage of 120VDC.
  5. The bluetooth module has been discontinued, and the wifi module needs to be purchased separately!
  6. Does not support parallel!!
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