PowMr Solar Inverter Charger 3500W OutPut 110/120VAC Built-in MPPT 80A Solar Controller MAX PV Input 145V DC 48VDC System 3.5KW Pure Sine Wave hybrid inverter Suitable US CA MX

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PowMr Solar Inverter Charger 3500W Built-in  MPPT 80A Solar Controller MAX PV Input 145V DC OutPut 110/120VAC 48VDC System 3.5KW Pure Sine Wave inverter Suitable US CA MX

About this PowMr Solar Inverter Charger

  • 3500W 48V DC TO 120V /110V AC solar charge inverter and 80A Mppt charge controller and 3500W pure sine wave inverter, all in one Hybrid Inverter machine.
  • Advanced MPPT technology Charging with an efficiency of 99.9% and inverter with DC to AC advanced SPWM technology which output pure sine wave power.
  • Fit for 40-60Vdc Lead-Acid and Lithium battery. 4 charging modes support: Only Solar, Mains Priority, Solar Priority and Mains & Solar hybrid charging.
  • LCD screen and 3 LED indicators for dynamic display of system data and operating status, Intelligent variable speed fan to efficiently dissipate heat and extend system life.

Pow series is a new hybrid solar charge inverter, which integrates solar energy storage means charging energy storage and AC sine wave output. Thanks to DSP control and advanced control algorithm, it has high response speed, high reliability, and high industrial standard. Four charging modes are optional, i.e. Only Solar, Mains Priority, Solar Priority, Mains Solar hybrid charging; and two output modes are available, i.e. Inverter and Mains, to meet different application requirements. The solar charging module applies the latest optimized; MPPT technology to quickly track the maximum power point of the PV array in any environment and obtain the maximum energy of the solar panel in real-time; Through a state-of-the-art control algorithm, the AC-DC charging module realizes fully digital voltage and current double closed-loop control, with high control precision in a small volume; Wide AC voltage input range and complete input/output protections are designed for stable and reliable battery charging and protection; Based on full-digital intelligent design, the DC-AC inverter module employs advanced SPWM; technology and outputs pure sine waves to convert DC into AC. It is ideal for AC loads such as household appliances, power tools, industrial equipment, and electronic audio and video equipment. The product comes with a segment LCD display design which allows real-time; display of the operating data and status of the system. Comprehensive electronic protections keep the entire system safer and more stable;

Key Features
1. Full digital voltage and current double closed-loop control, advanced SPWM technology, the output of pure sine wave. 
2. Two output modes: mains bypass and inverter output; uninterrupted power supply. 
3. Available in 4 charging modes: Only Solar, Utility Priority, PV Priority, Utility & Solar hybrid charging. 
4. Advanced MPPT technology with an efficiency of 99.9%. 
5. Designed with an LCD screen and 3 LED indicators for a dynamic display of system data and operating status. 
6. Manual ON/OFF switch controlling AC output. 
7. Power saving mode available to reduce empty load loss. 
8. Intelligent variable-speed fan to efficiently dissipate heat and extend system life. 
9. Lithium battery activation by PV solar or mains, allowing access of lead-acid battery and lithium battery. 
10.Complete protection, including short circuit protection, over-voltage, and under-voltage protection, overload protection, reverse protection, etc.

Technical Specifications

Model POW-LVM3.5K-48V
Rated input Voltage 110/120Vac
Input voltage range (90Vac~140Vac) ±2%
Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz (auto-detect)
Frequency range 47-0.3Hz x 55-0.3Hz (50Hz);
57-0.3Hz x 65-0.3Hz (60Hz);
Overload / Short circuit Protection Breaker
Efficiency >95%
Conversion time (Bypass and reverse) 10ms
Reverse Flow Protection Yes
Max Bypass Current load 40A
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Rated Output (VA) 3500
Rated Output (W) 3500
Power factor 1
Output AC Voltage 120Vac
Unstable Input Error ±5%
Output Frequency (Hz) 50Hz ±0.3Hz 60Hz ± 0.3Hz
Efficiency >90%
Overload protection (102<load110%)±10% turn off the output after 5min;
(110load125%)±10% turn off the output after 10sec;
 (125load)±10%turn off the output after 5sec;
Peak power 7000VA
Motor Capability 2HP
Output Short-circuit Protection Breaker
Bypass Breaker Specifications 40A
Rated Battery Voltage 48V (minimum start-up voltage 44V)
Battery voltage range 40.0Vdc~60Vdc ± 0.6Vdc
Power Saving Mode Self-Consumption 25W
No Load Self Consumption 48W
Model POW-LVM3.5K-48V
Utility/Grid Charging
Battery type Lead Acid or Lithium
Maximum Charging Current (AC) 40A
Unstable Condition Error ± 5Adc
Charging Voltage Range 40 –60Vdc
Short-circuit protection Breakers and fuses
Circuit Breaker Specifications 40A
Overcharge Protection Yes; Automatically alerts and then turns off charging after1 minute
Solar (PV) Charging
Recommended PV Max 145Vdc (150 VDC Actual)
PV Operating Voltage 60-145Vdc
MPPT Voltage Range 60-115Vdc
Battery Charging Range 40-60Vdc
Maximum Input Power 4400W
Maximum Input Current 80A
Maximum Output Power 4200W
PV Charging Current Range 0-80A
Short-circuit Protection Internal Fuse
Wiring Protection Reverse Polarity
Certifications FCC Part 15 Class B, RoHS
Operating Temperature 5°F ~ 131°F/ -15°C ~ 55°C
Storage Temperature -13°F ~ 140°F / -25°C ~ 60°C
Humidity 5% to 95% (three-layer paint protection)
Noise ≤60dB
Cooling Fans
IP Grade IP 20
Safety Class I
Dimensions (L-W-D) 16.8*12.7*4.9 in / 426*322*124 mm
Weight 23.8 lbs /10.8kg   

User Manual (POW-LVM3.5K-48V-V1.2.pdf, 1,540 Kb) [Download]

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Works as it should and the seller helped me answer a question promptly.

Easy install, works like it should. value priced all in one unit!

uper easy install .. 8 wires to connect. good english manual.. keep it handy as the menus are all numbers instead of complete words like my $10,000 system... only need to set a few parameters once, even if all power is disconnected.
built in transfer switch is fast. no flicker on mains to battery transfer. use solar or not! nice UPS, lithium profile good on my 48 volt pack from batteryhookup.com. nice low amp draw with the higher battery voltage, built in MPPT control works. good looking circuit boards... try to find a USA seller with one in stock. got mine in 4 days, added a couple shut offs and breakers to critical loads sub panel . runs microwave, fridge, wall heater , more? at the same time, 2 variable fans not too loud in garage, china made. .


Easy install, great value

This thing and a few 200w solar panels and I have an all electric RV. This little unit greatly simplifies the installation process by incorporating the controller and inverter into one unit. I used a 48v Li-PO4 battery with 24v panels. Just hook your panels in series, not exceeding the open circuit voltage max of the controller. I have 2 series in parallel. This produces 130v, enough to start charging before sunrise.

Unit works great but only Wi-Fi issue

It’s an awesome unit it works great tied to a grid once battery runs lower than I set it will kick in from utility power. Only thing that bothers me is Wi-Fi dongle doesn’t work the seller promised to send a replacement dongle but it never arrived


This thing replaces the need for multiple components in a solar system. It has both the solar charge controller for just about any type battery you own plus a 3500 watt pure sine wave inverter contained inside. And what makes it so valuable is that it can be connected to house current or generator to produce battery back up and battery charge when solar is down. So it can make sure your batteries are always topped up for emergencies. An equivalent set up would include many components you'd have to mount in a system to perform the same function as this device. It's possible to connect up the entire system in a few hours without racking your brain.
And the unit features preset parameters for each type battery including several different types of lithium battery types. It monitors, charges and controls the system to give optimal and safe operation. It can also be fine-tuned if you need to deviate from the default settings in each category. So programming this is a snap. No need for a separate a-c to dc converter to use the generator of even house current to back up the solar panels. And it's ability to customize the settings so you can make it solar, a-c or combination of the 2 preferred gives your system a great deal of reliability.

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