PowMr 3KW Off Grid Solar Inverter Charger 24V 80A MPPT Bluetooth with DC-Switch Hybrid Inverter Max PV Input

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This is a multi-function Pure sine wave inverter charger, combining functions of inverter, solar charger and battery charger to offer uninterruptible power support in a single package.

Support 48V lead acid, lihtium battery and without battery

(Important NOTE : when inverter work without battery, LCD will show error bP, this is ok, inverter will operate normal. Don't worry! )


  • Configurable input voltage ranges for home appliances and personal computers via LCD control panel
  • Configurable AC/Solar Charger priority/battery charging current based on applications via LCD control panel
  • Compatible to utility mains or generator power
  • Auto restart while AC is recovering
  • Overload / Over temperature / short circuit protection
  • Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance
  • Cold start function
  • Removable LCD control module
  • Multiple communication ports for BMS (RS485, CAN-BUS, RS232)
  • Built-in Bluetooth for mobile monitoring (Requires Android App), OTG USB function, dusk filters
  • Configurable AC/PV Output usage timer and prioritization



Charger source priority:To configure charger source priority

If this inverter/charger is working in Line, Standby or Fault mode, charger source can be programmed as below:

Solar first:

Solar energy will charge battery as first priority. Utility will charge battery only when solar energy is not available.

Solar and Utility (default)

Solar energy and utility will charge battery at the same time.

Only Solar:

Solar energy will be the only charger source no matter utility is available or not.

If this inverter/charger is working in Battery mode, only solar energy can charge battery. Solar energy will charge battery if it's available and sufficient.

(Single phase 220V AC /A Hot Leg, NOT Support 110V !!! )


PowMr off grid all in one solar hybrid inerter can be widely used in DC to AC areas, such as solar AC power system, vehicle system, RV power supply, security monitoring system, emergency lighting system, field power system, household power system, etc.

  • (Single phase 220V AC /A Hot Leg, NOT Support 110V !!! )
  • This PowMr off grid solar inverter all-in-one does not support parallel operation, and does not support phase separation!

Line Mode Specifications and Inverter Mode Specifications

Input Voltage WaveformSinusoidal (utility or generator)
Nominal Input Voltage230Vac
Low Loss Voltage170Vac± 7V (UPS); 90Vac± 7V (Appliances)
Max AC Input Voltage300Vac
Nominal Input Frequency50Hz / 60Hz (Auto detection)
Output ShortCircuit ProtectionCircuit Breaker
Charging Algorithm3-Step
AC Charging Current (Max)60Amp
Output Voltage WaveformPure Sine Wave
Output Voltage Regulation230Vac± 5>#/td###
Output Frequency50Hz
Surge Capacity2* rated power for 5 seconds

PV (Solar) Charging

Max.PV open circuit voltage500Vdc
Start-up Voltage150Vdc +/- 10Vdc
MPPT voltage150-450Vdc
Max. PV Array Power4000W
Max input current16A
Max Charging Current80Amp (AC charger plus solar charger)
Recommended battery capacity≥ 200Ah
battery cable size2AWG/38mm²
PV/AC input wire diameter12AWG
Weight (kg)9
Humidity5% to 95% Relative Humidity (Non-condensing)
Operating Temperature Range-10°C to 50°C
Size (L*W*D)115 x 300 x 400mm

(Single phase 220V AC /A Hot Leg, NOT Support 110V !!! )


PowMr 230V off grid hybrid inerter support 48V lead acid, lihtium battery and without batter!

(Important NOTE : when inverter work without batteryLCD will show error bP, this is ok, inverter will operate normal. Don't worry! )

Start-up Voltage:150Vdc +/- 10Vdc

The Solar Panels must be connected in series, the max input current is 16A!


  • Shock Hazard:Installation must be performed with care due to high battery voltage in series.
  • Do not place anything between inverter terminals and the ring terminals. Otherwise, overheating may occur.
  • Before making final DC connection or closing DC breaker/disconnector, be sure that the positive (+) must be connected to positive (+) and negative (-) connected to negative (-)
  • Before connecting to AC input power source, please install a separate AC breaker between the inverter and the AC input power source. The recommended spec of AC breaker is 32A for 3KW and 50A for 5KW.
  • >span class="a-list-item">Never install the all-in-one solar charge inverter and lead-acid battery in the same confined space! Also do not install in a confined place where battery gas may collect.
  • Ensure that there is enough air flowing through the heat sink, and space of at least 200m to the left and right air outlets of the inverter shall be left to ensure natural convection heat dissipation.

Table 1 Line Mode Specifications
Input Voltage Waveform Sinusoidal (utility or generator)
Nominal Input Voltage 230Vac
Low Loss Voltage 170Vac±7V (UPS); 90Vac±7V (Appliances)
Low Loss Return Voltage 180Vac±7V (UPS);100Vac±7V (Appliances)
High Loss Voltage 280Vac±7V
High Loss Return Voltage 270Vac±7V
Max AC Input Voltage 300Vac
Nominal Input Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz (Auto detection)
Low Loss Frequency 40±1Hz
Low Loss Return Frequency 42±1Hz
High Loss Frequency 65±1Hz
High Loss Return Frequency 63±1Hz
Output Short Circuit Protection Circuit Breaker
Efficiency (Line Mode) >95% ( Rated R load, battery full charged )
Transfer Time 10ms typical (UPS); 20ms typical (Appliances)
Table 2 Inverter Mode Specifications
Rated Output Power 3KVA/3KW 5KVA/5KW
Output Voltage Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Output Voltage Regulation 230Vac±5%
Output Frequency 50Hz
Peak Efficiency 93%
Overload Protection 5s@≥130% load; 10s@105%~130% load
Surge Capacity 2* rated power for 5 seconds
Nominal DC Input Voltage 24Vdc 48Vdc
Cold Start Voltage 23.0Vdc 46.0Vdc
Low DC Warning Voltage
@ load < 50%23.0Vdc 46.0Vdc
@ load ≥ 50%22.0Vdc 44.0Vdc
Low DC Warning Return Voltage
@ load < 50%23.5Vdc 47.0Vdc
@ load ≥ 50%23.0Vdc 46.0Vdc
Low DC Cut-off Voltage
@ load < 50%21.5Vdc 43.0Vdc
@ load ≥ 50%21.0Vdc 42.0Vdc
High DC Recovery Voltage 32Vdc 62Vdc
High DC Cut-off Voltage 33Vdc 63Vdc
No Load Power Consumption <35W <50W
Table 3 Charge Mode Specifications
Utility Charging Mode
Charging Algorithm 3-Step
AC Charging Current (Max) 60Amp (@VI/P=230Vac)
Bulk Charging Voltage
Flooded Battery 29.2 58.4
AGM / Gel Battery 28.2 56.4
Floating Charging Voltage 27V DC 54V DC
MPPT Solar Charging Mode
Max. PV Array Power 4000W 5000W
Nominal PV Voltage 240V DC 320V DC
Start-up Voltage 150V DC±10V DC
PV Array MPPT Voltage Range 120-450V DC
Max. PV Array Open Circuit Voltage 500V DC
Max Charging Current (AC charger plus solar charger) 80A
Table 4 General Specifications
Operating Temperature Range -10°C to 50°C
Storage temperature -15°C~ 60°C
Humidity 5% to 95% Relative Humidity (Non-condensing)
Dimension (D*W*H), mm 115 x 300 x 400
Net Weight, kg 9 10

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Sri Lanka
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They are same?
Administrator reply
Yes, same
Martha McKenzie
United States
Thanks and congratulations to supplier!
Rosalie Dunavant
United States
very good
Rubie German
United States
Fast and beautiful product
Sri Lanka
How do you charge shipping free ?
Administrator reply
no, free shipping
United States
I am looking at the POW-VM3K-III. I am wondering if this will work without batteries and without AC input. I have enough solar power to run a pump. I only need to run the pump while there is enough sunlight out.
Administrator reply
Hello, our service will contact u soon.
United States
pow-VM3K-III - if I have only 4 18V 150W solar panels - is it still ok to run this inverter?
Or I need to buy 6 more panels to have 180Vdc for start?
Administrator reply
Our service will contact u soon.
Dan Bedford
United States
I would know the noise level in db, Thanks
And warranty time, please.
Administrator reply
Our service will contact u soon.
Anthony Hill
United States
Hi. We are interested in purchasing your 3 of your inverters. But I would like to talk to someone first. Can you please give me a phone number to call?
Administrator reply
Our service will contact u soon.
Christopher Guild
Why do some of the inverters say they are only for lead acid batteries and not lithium ion?
Administrator reply
Our service will contact u soon.
Vicente Perdue
I just noticed that my 3k 24v inverter/charger is not designed for lithium batteries. How will this affect my 600Ah LiPo battery supply
Administrator reply
Our service will contact u soon.
Charles Knight
I bought this inverter and I now want to buy one more. I bought it from Amazon but now they are out of stock. Can you sell mer?
Administrator reply
Our service will contact u soon.
Ray Dailey
how long to ship unit to 85207 in US
Administrator reply
Our service will contact u soon.
William Lessard
United States
im looking for a hybrid inverter
but i have 2 system running at my house
one grid tie and one off grid
im planning to combine them using a hybrid inverter
grid tie is running 6X200w 18vdc panels connected directly to grid tie inverter
off grid is running 3X270W 36vdc panels connected to Epever tracer 3210AN powering my 8s 24v 200ah lifepo4 battery with daly 150a bms
at night i turn off my grid tie system and run my battery to power my house
im planning to add battery and panels
house is consuming around 20kwh a day
so i want to generate enough to offset that
im also planning to get an EV in the future so i need enough power for a EV charging station
so with all this requirements can you recommend something to me?
Administrator reply
Our service will contact u soon.
Shawn Jenkins
Very fast delivery and corresponds to the description
James Cavazos
Hi, can the POW-VM3K-III output at 60Hz?
Administrator reply
Our service will contact u soon.
Kevin Swift
United States
Please, could you let me know, if this offgrid inverter is in stock in Poland or Germany?
Administrator reply
Our service will contact u soon
Richard Cotton
United States
Well packed congratulations loved very
Steven Brown
United States
Well packed congratulations loved very
John Johnson
Very good arrived fast


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