Why is My Inverter Making Noise? - PowMr


It is a normal thing for an inverter to make noise. A noisy inverter means that it has switched from normal power supply to battery power. Of course, some inverters can also make noise from normal power supply, so there is no need to be surprised. The inverters purchased from PwoMr store have minimal noise to prevent disturbing customers.

Why is my inverter making a humming sound?
One of the reasons why your inverter buzzes is because the battery cable is undersized. When the battery cable is undersized, it causes the voltage to drop, so the inverter will buzz.

Is the inverter supposed to make noise?
Yes, if your hearing is sharper than average, then it is a normal thing for you to hear noise. If you hear a humming noise or a loose sound inside the inverter the first time you use it, it means that the quality of this inverter is not very good and it may be a sign of failure as well as a possible fire hazard, in which case, please unplug it immediately.

How can I silence my inverter?
If you want to mute the inverter, you can turn off the inverter so that it does not work. Of course, you can also choose to buy an inverter from the PowMr store, and most of the inverters we sell are noiseless and can be purchased with confidence. You can also you put the inverter somewhere else so that you can't hear it just fine.

How noisy is the inverter?
The inverter will make a humming sound during normal daytime operation, but this will not exceed normal ambient noise and is normal. If it makes an abnormal noise, you should pay attention to the possibility that the power consumption measured on the "AC output" (or AC standby output) of IMEON exceeds the rated power of the inverter and needs to be repaired. Users need to be aware that high, frequent or prolonged overloads can damage the inverter.

Does the inverter fan run all the time?
If you want the inverter to work, the inverter overheats and the load is more, the inverter fan will work, this phenomenon is good, if the inverter fan does not work, you only have to consider if the inverter is bad. 

Can we turn off the inverter when it is not in use?
Yes, you can turn off the inverter when the battery is fully charged and not in use and when you don't want the device to run. 

How do I know that the inverter is not working?
When the inverter emits a continuous beeping alarm, there is a possibility of an overload or a stuck cooling fan. Of course, it is also possible that the battery is dying and the energy is about to be exhausted.