What is a Hybrid Inverter? - PowMr


A hybrid inverter is a new type of smart inverter that can store excess solar energy in a battery system for its own use. Hybrid inverters have many modes to choose from, and these functional modes include normal solar inverter functions. The biggest feature is that it combines all the functions of grid-connected inverters and off-grid inverters. It can also run without batteries and can be self-sufficient with batteries at night. Another feature of the hybrid inverter is that the cost is relatively low and it is easy to install.

Hybrid inverter operating mode

Most hybrid inverters have four different modes:

  • Grid-tied mode - functions as a normal solar inverter (without batteries).
  • Hybrid Mode - During the day, the excess solar energy is stored on the battery, and at night, the battery is used for self-sufficiency.
  • Backup Mode - When connected to the grid, the function is similar to a normal solar inverter, and it can automatically switch to the backup power mode if the grid fails.
  • Off-Grid Mode - Operates much like an off-grid inverter and uses excess solar energy to charge the battery and power load devices without needing to be connected to the grid.

What is the difference between a hybrid inverter and a normal inverter?

One is that it can be installed and used without a battery, the other is that at night, the hybrid inverter can use the energy from the battery, and the third is that it can automatically switch to backup mode if the power grid is interrupted.

What are the advantages of a hybrid inverter?

One of the biggest benefits of a hybrid inverter is that it combines the functions of two separate devices into one. If you buy a hybrid inverter from a PowMr store, you will get the best quality inverter that is easy to install.

Can a hybrid inverter work without a battery?

Yes, the hybrid inverters sold at the PowMr store can work without batteries, as a regular inverter.

Can a hybrid inverter charge the battery?

Hybrid inverters sold by PowMr allow multiple AC sources, such as generators or the grid, to charge the battery, a completely new technology. Whether you live close to the off-grid, have utility power or in the event of a grid failure, the inverter will work and provide usable power.