Useful Advices Before Installing the Solar PV System


It is essential to do all the necessary preparations before installing a solar photovoltaic system, including gathering all necessary information, asking for quotes, and doing an economic feasibility study. Before buying a solar panel system, there are 8 important questions you should ask:

1. Depending on where your solar panels are installed and whether they will be available all year, how much electricity will the solar system be able to generate annually in kwh?

2. Due to the intensity of solar radiation, summer months are as likely as winter months to have higher solar electricity production, but what will be the estimated electricity production in kwh during the worst and best months?

3. Who will be responsible for maintaining your solar system? In addition, if an issue or service is needed during solar system operation, who should you call? If someone can be contacted locally, that would be preferable.

4. In the future, it will be much easier if any issue arises, because you will be able to determine right away who is responsible for solving this issue, since you will have each party know his responsibilities beforehand.

5. It's necessary to write down the warranty period for all solar system components, the name of the installer, and the date of the installation. An important step is to put down the history of every component installed. You might ask the installer to help with that rather than undertake it.

6. Installers should be asked who will be responsible for connecting the solar system to a power grid, is it they, a subcontractor, or the utility? In addition, you can ask him when the solar system will be integrated into the grid.

7. You will need to reposition your energy meter after installing the solar system, and you might wonder who will be responsible for doing so? Do you have to do it yourself or will someone from the solar installation company? The solar company usually does this task under the supervision of the electricity provider, and such a point must be clarified from the outset.

8. It is important for you to discuss how much of a discount you will get from selling your STCs certificate upon selling it to the solar installation company.fsolar