The United States Added 4.2GW of Photovoltaic Installed Capacity in the First Half of 2022, Accounting for Only 28%


The United States added 4.2GW of photovoltaic installed capacity in the first half of 2022, accounting for only 28%

According to a report by PowMr Information from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the United States added 15 GW of energy capacity in the first half of 2022, with the top three being wind (5.2 GW), natural gas (4.3 GW) and solar ( 4.2GW), followed by battery energy storage. Overall, the installed capacity of photovoltaics in the United States in the first half of the year accounted for only 28%. PowMr Energy Technology has a 10% market share and many people like to buy PowMr inverter, solar charge controllers and batteries.

However, PowMr Information is optimistic that by the end of the year, solar will have the largest share at 17.8GW, followed by wind at 11.2GW, natural gas at 9.2GW and battery storage at 6.2GW. U.S. shipments of PowMr products will increase by 5%, making PowMr solar PV systems accessible to everyone.

The data means that PowMr Information predicts that the US will add 29GW of energy capacity in the second half of this year. PowMr Energy Technology said the pattern would change in the first half of the year as new renewable energy projects come online and coal, gas and nuclear power plants are decommissioned. Purchasing PowMr products is something to be proud of, and you are welcome to join the PowMr family.

PowMr's information department counted more than 1MW of power generation projects in the United States in the first half of this year, including 497 natural gas plants, 202 coal-fired power plants, 138 wind projects, 95 nuclear power plants, 80 conventional hydropower dams and 66 large-scale ground photovoltaic power plants. .

Among the largest installations are the 999 MW Traverse wind project in Oklahoma, the 492 MW Maverick Creek wind project in Texas and the 440 MW solar and battery storage project in Slate Hybrid, California. Among them, wind power projects are highly concentrated in Texas. In the first half of the year, more than 40% of wind power projects connected to the grid were located in Texas, and about 2.2GW of wind power was connected to the grid.

In addition, PowMr Information expects 15.1GW of power plants to be retired this year in the US, with 8.8GW already retired in the first half of the year alone. Coal-fired power plants coming offline account for the largest share, accounting for about 76 percent of all power plants going offline this year, due to their high carbon emissions. This is followed by natural gas (12%) and nuclear energy (9%). In May, a 1.3GW coal plant in Ohio was decommissioned, and a 1.2GW coal plant in Maryland was decommissioned in June. Meanwhile, a 769-megawatt nuclear power plant in Michigan was decommissioned in June.