The Ideal Location for Solar Panels


When you need to install the solar panels, then you need to know the best location for you to install so that you can have enough solar energy. If you are a novice, do you know how to install them at the best location? Here, in this post, I would like to help. 

Although the sun is the only source of solar power and the geographical location plays a vital part in solar energy production. The ideal location for solar panels influences the energy production capacity of the system.

There are many places around the world where sunlight is limited, and you have to place the solar panels in the best place. The truth is that the solar system picks energy during the day, and excessive sunlight can put power rapidly on it.

The Best Direction for Solar Panels to Face

Before installing solar panels, you have to select the place where sunlight is available all day long. Because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

To get the ultimate result, face the solar panels to the south. South-facing solar panels always get the sunlight. This projection will never bring the shadow on the panels. If you face solar panels to the east and west, you will get the sunlight for a limited time. In this module, the production capacity will decrease, creating problems in getting the necessary energy.

But, solar panels need continuous sunlight. You should avoid places that prohibit sunlight with shadows.

The Effect of Shading on Solar Panels

Everyone indeed loves a large tree and its shade. Trees are helpful for various aspects, and it provides several advantages for us. Solar panels need direct sunlight to generate electricity. But, a tree and its shade can create several problems regarding solar panels.

You have to select a place where there is no shade from trees. It will help you get enough energy and remain active in the system. However, you shouldn’t destroy trees for the sake of sunlight; you either find a place far from the shade of the trees.

So, make sure that you set the solar panels in an ideal place. A better place will enable the opportunity to get more energy.

Choose Best Roof Shapes for Solar Panels

Homes may contain many roofs with several shapes. The shape of a roof can affect the work of the solar panels.

If you have a home that faces east, west, or south, you should choose the south projection to establish solar panels. If your homes contain lots of space on the roof, it will be easier to select the ideal place.

Remember, many roofs are captured with shades of different obstacles, and you must avoid the place where shade is available. An open and spacious roof can provide direct sunlight to the panels. It creates more power and even stores for further use. If you have batteries for additional support, you need huge energy to recharge them.