How to Test Off Grid Solar Inverters?


With a solar power system, inverters are used to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), allowing appliances to operate. A solar inverter can be classified as either off-grid or grid-connected, depending on how it connects to the grid. Off-grid inverters can generate electricity independently by generating power without connecting to the grid. Grid-tied inverters can generate power when they are connected to a grid.

How does an off-grid inverter work?

Inverter/charger system Xantrex XW is composed of a number of modular components: XW inverter/charger, solar charge controller, automatic generator starter module, and control board for control of the system.

Working principle diagram of off-grid inverter

120 kW Pure Sine Wave Off Grid Solar Inverter Test

1. Commercial power priority mode.

2. Cut commercial power. Switch automatically to battery mode.

3. The equipment automatically switches to commercial power priority mode when commercial power returns.

Solar off-grid inverters from come in two types, one is a multifunctional inverter/charger with a range of power from 700W to 6000W, DC12V/24V/48V input and 120V/220V/230V output, along with an inverter and battery charger function. Another version of this kit is a three-phase with peak power up to 200kW.