How Much Money Does 1 Acre of Solar Panels Make?


In general, 1 acre of solar panels produces about 351 MWh of electrical energy per year. If you want to know the profits, then i cannot give a clear answer. Because it reply on the Country and State/location irradiance (Peak-sun-hours), but the average is approximately $14,000. Installation cost for 1 acre of solar panels is about $450,000.

How Much Power Will 1 Acre of Solar Panels Produce?

How many solar panels can be installed on one acre
Irradiance or peak-sun-hours for the geographic location

How Many Solar Panels Fit in One Acre?

There is physical room for about 740kW of solar panel surface on one acre, but the panels are mounted in rows with walk spaces allowing for maintenance, so a form factor of 0.58 is applied.

In general, 1kW of solar power can be fitted into 100 square feet. There are 43560 square feet in an acre, so the possible solar power can be found by:

43560/100x1kw=  435.6kW

Solar farms are installed in locations with high irradiance (peak-sun-hours) values, such as Nevada. The Peak-sun-hours value for Nevada is 2348. (Also measured as irradiance in kWh/m2.)

Theoretical solar energy generated by 1 acre in one year equals:

435.6kW x 2348kWh/m2 = 1022mWh

By applying the form factor to allow for solar array spacing we get:

1022mW x 0.58 = 592.76 megawatt-hours of solar power

How Do Solar Farms Raise Money?

Among all the ways to make money, there are two main ways that will be listed here. A land-owner can make money from 600w solar panel in two ways:

You can lease the land who want to use, they will earn a lot of money each year and they will pay you.

On the flip side, the land-owner can choose to buy and install the solar panels himself. Of course, they can earn much times money compared with the first one method.