Do Solar Panels Wear Out Over Time?


When you are going to buy the solar panels, then you must want to use them for a long time. But the fact is that your solar panels would wear out over time even if you buy the high quality and expensive solar panels. 

Making the use of solar energy for your home and business can be a great energy solution. Installing solar panels will provide a great return on investment over time.

Many people often wonder what the exact lifespan of a 540w solar panel is and ask, do solar panels wear out over time?

This question arises because you want to understand the sustainability of solar panels and compare the primary investment with service.

Do Solar Panels Wear out Over Time?

Yes, solar panels do wear out over time, and they come with a limited lifespan. A modern solar panel comes with a minimum 25 years of warranty, and you will get a 25 to 30 years lifespan from a quality solar panel.

If you check the energy production data of your solar panels, you can find out the degradation rate over time.

It will minimize the efficiency consistently, and after a few years, solar panels produce less energy than before. 

Solar panels wear out over time because of degradation. There are two types of degradation, including the small loss in power production and potential-induced degradation (PID). 

Do Solar Panels in Storage Wear out?

Solar panels absorb energy from sunlight, and in the same way, the sun or the elements of the solar panels can affect the production and make them wear out. 

A panel is made of silicon cells, and sunlight can change the structure of the chemicals, which reduces the solar panel’s efficiency over time.

Exposure of the elements can bring wiring failure, and moisture can affect the inside of the panel by causing corrosion. 

If you put solar panels in a storage system that will protect them from the weather, they will not wear out, but the energy production will be reduced on a large scale. 

The solar panels will lose their capability as before. So, solar panels will face less damage to climate storage. At the same time, it will forfeit efficiency.

How Long Can You Expect Solar Panels to Last?

Installing solar panels will help you save electricity costs for a long period, and the investment will be returned over time.

Modern solar panels have a minimum warranty of 25 years, and you can expect a 25 to 30 years lifespan from a quality solar panel. 

However, the warranty and lifespan are completely different. A consumer can get a solar panel efficient for 40-50 years if there is no massive change or damage. 

The photovoltaic cells (PV) come with advanced technology perfect for serving this longer period. 

Based on manufacturing testing, a panel can provide you with up to 80% efficiency for the first ten years.

For the next 15 or 25 years, solar panels will face a small loss in energy production. You can notice this change by observing the power production data.

Similarly, the life of a solar panel and its expected lifespan depends on the panel’s quality, installation, and manufacturing process.


Anyway, your solar panels can be used for long time, but if you want to know the detailed time,i cannot give you a precise answer, because they are decided by the quality and stability.

In general, a solar panel lasts for at least 25 to 30 years, higher than other electrical products. You should select a renowned manufacturer to get quality products.