PowMr Z30 30A Solar Charge Controller

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  • 30amp 12V/24V auto, High PWM efficiency 3-stage charge management:Boost,equalization,floating charge.
  • Dual USB output,built in industrial micro, Material environmental protection.Using a unique reverse current protection,low heat production,saving power.
  • Backlight LCD display PV/Battry/Load working status. adjustable Low voltage discharge,Floating voltage,Low voltage recharge,Load mode. Power off memory function.
  • 3 lead acid battery type:Gel,Agm,Sealed. 3 adjustable load modes:light mode,light+timer mode,manual mode.
  • over-load protection.Build-in short-circuit protection,open-circuit protection,reverse protection, overheat protection.

*Batt voltage:12/24V auto
*Charge current:30A
*MAX power:12V(360W)24V(720W)
*USB output:Dual USB output,5V/2.5V(MAX)
*Self-consume:<10mA*Max solar input:12V(23V),24V(46V)
*Float charge:13.7V(defult,adjustable)
*Discharge stop:10.7V(defult,adjustable)
*Discharge reconnect:12.6V(defult,adjustable)
*Charge reconnect:13V
*Voltage of open light:solar panel 8V(Light light delay)
*Voltage of close light: solar panel 8V(Light light delay)
*Operating temperature:-31℉~140℉
*Size/weight: 5.86*2.87*1.3in/0.44lb
X2All green color voltage x2 while using 24V system