PowMr 30amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V 390W 24V 780W Solar Charge for Agm Flooded Gel Batteries

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Warm tips:We strongly recommend connecting a fuse directly to the battery to any short circuit at the battery wiring.,se only insulated tools.

Full automatic electronic protect function

• PV reverse polarity protection

•PV short circuit protection

•PV over current alarm protection

•Battery overcharge protection

•Battery over discharge protection

•Battery reverse polarity protection

•Load short circuit protection

•Load overload protection

•Overheating protection


*If the temperature sensor is short-circuited or damaged,the controller will be charging or discharging at the default temperature 25℃ to prevent the battery damaged from overcharging or over discharged.

*The controller detects the internal temperature through internal sensor,when the internal temperature exceeds 80℃ the controller stops working,when the temperature bellows 70℃ the controller recovery.


•System voltage:12V/24V auto

•Max charging current:30A

•Output current:30A

•Dual USB:5V 2A

•Max tracking efficiency:>99.9%

•Max charge conversion:97.0%

•Working mode:standard,Dusk to Dawn,Street lamp,User

•Battery type:Sealed,Gel,Foolded


•MPPT Charging Voltage: <14.5V

• Boost voltage:14.5V

•Equalization voltage:14.8V(Liquid)

•Float voltage:13.7V

•Low voltage disconnect:10.8~11.8V/21.6~23.6V,SOC 1~5(adjustable)

•Reconnect voltage:11.6~12.8V

•Overcharge protect:15.5V

• Max volt on bat.terminal:35V

• Temp.Compensation: -4.17mV/K per cell(boost and equalization) and -3.33mV/K per cell(floating)

•Max volt on PV terminal:55V

•Dusk/Dawn detect volt: 8.0 V

•Dimensions(in):7.44 x 7.16 x 2.28

•Ambient humidity:0~100%RH

•Protection degree:IP32

• Max altitude:157480.31in


Package including:

•1XPWM solar charge controller MT3075

•1Xtemperature senor

•1Xtemperature senor

Correct Connecting Order : Battery - solar panel - load

Disconnect : solar panel - battery - load

Please confirm the specification before install